Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Day 2009

The last 48 or so hours of February brought constant rain, which subsequently turned into about 12 hours of constant snow for the first day of March. In the end, we received 3-4 inches of the white stuff and suffered the loss of numerous tree branches. Check out some pics below.

Our house, with all the trees in our yard, always looks so good after a good snow.

"The Fam" on our one snowy day this winter.

This is not actually Bailey's first snowman. I just threw this together in a few minutes while Bailey was inside warming up. When she's ready we'll build a "for real" snowman.

Bailey contemplating who-knows-what.

Bailey and Ava got to spend some time together in the snow. Neither was really interested in playing with the other. I think they were too busy trying to make sense of what all this cold, white stuff was and why the rest of us kept making them keep their gloves on.

Zoo Trip w/ Grammy

Mel (and Palmer) spent a weekend during February in the mountains of North Carolina attending a Methodist women's retreat, which left me at home all alone with the Bae-Bae. So, naturally, I called in reinforcements...Grammy. It was pretty cold that weekend, but we managed to sneak in a couple of hours at the Greenville Zoo Saturday afternoon. Following are a few pics.

Bailey and Grammy

Bailey and Daddy

In front of the elephant enclosure. The one in the foreground was interacting with people a good bit while the one in the background was busy spraying water all over its body with its trunk. Ever since the circus a few weeks earlier Bailey has been a big fan of elephants.

Bailey checking out the iguana. Surprisingly, she has been able to say the word "iguana" clearly since the very first time she tried it.

Bailey and Grammy in front of the giraffes.