Sunday, October 12, 2008

September 2008

We had some friends over to the house to watch football one evening and Bailey and Ava (from across the street) had a great time playing together. I don't remember what it was that caught their attention but Bailey thought it was hilarious. I have never seen this look from her before.

Two girls already starting to gossip.

Bailey's preferred route back to the top of the slide at the neighborhood playground.

August 2008

Mmm...that's some good juice!!!

Bailey is sitting on my chest while I take these pictures. We were just hanging out at Cleveland Park in Greenville during Labor Day weekend while the U.S.A. professional cycling races were being held. Each lap was about 25 miles which meant we only saw the riders once every 45 minutes or so. So, we had plenty of time to play in the park in between laps.

I had to post one more. I thought these were cute pics.

Bailey spent part of a Sunday afternoon helping me water the plants outside. Now, she loves carrying her "wa-wa can" around whenever she is outside...especially when it actually has "wa-wa" in it.

Bailey posing in her flowery dress.

She was actually trying to crawl backwards up the front porch steps in this pic.

July 2008

Bailey posing at Falls Park in Greenville

Nice drool stain on the dress.

The stone wall backdrop perfectly compliments Bailey's stone-cold stare.

So, here's Bailey's latest toy. Just kidding.

A little Summertime fun at the house.

A lull in the action.

Here we are, along with Coleman (one of Bailey's former classmates at daycare) posing on the giant bear at the Greenville Zoo. Bailey's "Infant 2" daycare class and everyone's parents took a Friday afternoon field trip to the zoo just before graduation to the "Toddler 1" class.

Melanie turned the ripe old...umm, young...age of 28 during the month of July. Bailey and I, of course, threw her a little surprise party. We didn't actually invite anyone. It was just a family affair, but we had a good time.

Melanie walking in from work surprised to see the dining room decorated for her birthday.

Pretty good decorating job for a 30 year old man and a 1+ year old baby, huh?