Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Hiking Trip

We also spent some time at Paris Mountain State Park just outside of the Greenville city limits during Grammy’s and Grandpa’s visit where Bailey went on her first hiking trip. We started out on the Brissy Ridge Trail, turned onto a trail that doesn’t completely exist yet but was marked with flags, and ended up on the Firetower Trail.

This weekend was the first weekend in November so we had hoped that the color of the leaves would be a little prettier, but we haven't had much rain, the temps have been kind-of warm, and we weren't in the higher elevations. This tree, however, was beautiful! It really stood out from the rest of the forest.

The Brissy Ridge Trail is a great mountain biking trail that I frequently ride. I really enjoyed hiking it for a change, though, b/c I noticed a lot of things that are either a blur or that I don't see at all when on a bike. Paris Mountain doesn't allow mountain bikers to ride on Saturdays so that hikers don't have to worry about getting flattened. It's nice if you want to hike, but annoying if it is Saturday and you want to ride.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I wish I could have been there with you guys except I am glad we weren't there to witness what happened after you got home from the hike. Where are the pictures of that? Bailey looks so beautiful in her little angel costume! I just love those eyes! I am glad you all are feeling better. We were praying for you!

Anonymous said...

That comment was from Cassie by the way! Love you guys!

Scott Williams said...

Okay. Now things make sense. I was having trouble picturing you, Justin, saying, "I just love those eyes!". Love you guys, too.

P.S. Take a look at Bailey's gesture with her left hand on the first picture of her with the pumpkins.