Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baptism of Bailey Edith Williams

Bailey Edith Williams was officially baptized by aspersion at Buncombe Street United Methodist Church on Sunday, December 30, 2007. In attendance were a number of family members as well as some friends. Following the church service during which the ceremony was performed, we all took turns making pictures and headed over to The Westin Poinsett Hotel for a special lunch. The first three pictures below were taken by a professional photographer one week before Bailey's baptism and showcase a 58 year old baptismal gown that was made by her Great Great Grandmother (maternal side) and has been passed down and worn by generations of relatives during their respective baptismal ceremonies. The remainder of the pictures below were taken subsequent to the ceremony.

This is a beatiful picture of Bailey in her baptismal gown. What you don't see, though, is Melanie and I off to the side acting foolish in order to get a smile out of her. It seemed that Bailey was a little stingy with the smiles when the camera was near.

This may be my favoite picture of Bailey yet and I don't think I'm alone. Just check out those big, beautiful eyes.

Yet another beautiful photograph of an amazing baby girl.

Bailey with her parents, uncle, both sets of grandparents, and one set of great grandparents immediately following the church service during which she was baptized. She is lucky to have such a loving family.

The Williams family.

Bailey with mom/dad and the Stutts family.

The extended Williams family

Our friends (Quay and Erica Scott) from across the street and their eight-month-old daughter (Ava) were nice enough to attend the ceremony and join us for luch afterwards. If only we knew what those two little girls were talking about. Whatever it is, it looks pretty interesting.

Bailey drinking water out of a glass with a little help from Mom. Surprisingly, neither Bailey nor Melanie got very wet as a result of this little experiment.

Grandpa, Grammy, Big Grandma, & Big Granddaddy enjoying lunch at The Westin Poinsett.

Quay, Uncle Kenneth, Pops, Melanie, and Bailey at lunch.

Gran talking to Billy Fallaw, the music director of Buncombe Street UMC. Originally, Billy's wife, Joanna Fallaw, was going to perform the baptismal ceremony, but caught an ill-timed case of strep throat and had to stay at home.

Great Granddaddy, Erica, Ava, and Quay at lunch.

Billy Fallaw with his two sons Will and Ross Fallaw. He also has a daughter, Ann Morgan, who was unable to attend, and, as previously mentioned, a wife, Joanna, who was at home sick. Today's church service was Billy's last to direct at Buncombe Street UMC. Unfortunately for us he has accepted a position at another Methodist church near the South Carolina coast. Joanna has also accepted a position as the full-time chaplain of a university in that area. Billy has done an absolutely wonderful job directing Buncombe Street's choir and our family has been lucky enough to develop a personal friendship with Billy, Joanna, and their family. We are very happy for their new opportunities, but will hate to see them go.

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Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely beautiful in the photos! We wish we could have been there in person! We love you guys so much!