Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter - March 23, 2008

Today was Easter Sunday and, of course, Bailey was dressed to impress in a beautiful little Easter dress. We gave her her very first Easter basket and a present this morning. Then we went to church where Bailey celebrated our Lord Jesus Christ's resurrection from the grave by playing with toys, sucking down a bottle (a.k.a. "ba-ba"), and promptly taking a long nap. To cap it all off, she she hunted Easter eggs in the den during the evening. All in all, it was a pretty good first Easter.

Here's Bailey with her Easter basket and her Step Start Walk n' Ride. In the position you see it in now, the Walk n' Ride will help Bailey walk while giving her something to hold onto. However, it also collapses so that she'll be able to sit on it and scoot around the house. Right now, she just sits on it stiff-legged so that the only way it will roll is if we push her on the kitchen or hardwood floors so her feet will slide.

It didn't take long before had had enough of the pictures and started digging into the Easter basket. After all, there were sweet potato as well as peach-flavored Puffs in there. There was also a book and stuffed Easter Tweety bird that Grammy and Granddaddy sent her.

After church, we took some pictures on the church lawn. This was Bailey's first time to sit directly on grass and I don't think she ever figured out what was pricking the backside of bare legs.

I don't know why, but, for some reason this picture strikes a chord within my soul. One of God's most precious gifts, a baby girl, entrusted to Melanie and myself, in her first Easter dress, playing barefoot on the church lawn on Easter Sunday. I thought these types of things stopped happening when The Andy Griffith Show went off the air. In reality, they still happen all the time, but, with our busy lifestyles, we just have to look a little harder.

The Williams family.

Easter, March 23, 2008

Buncombe Street United Methodist Church

Greenville, SC


Justin and Cassie Daigre said...

Hey guys! Beautiful pictures! Justin and I too feel as if our "baby" is growing too fast. There is something so wonderful about watching an innocent child as they learn and discover new things in life. Justin and I were talking about that this week. With all that we went through this past week, Harrison just played and laughed. Having no idea what was going on, he completely trusted Justin and me. It reminded us that we should have faith like a child and trust God completely. Thank you guys for your prayers this week! By the way, we gave Harrison that same walk and ride thing for Easter too! ha! We love yall!

Marshall said...

beautiful family. may god continue to bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you Williams. The pictures are so good they make me want to cry. I hate that we didnt get to see you while you were here. I'm loving all the girly clothes and bathing suits. That must be so much fun. Mabye I will have a granddaughter. Give Bailey a kiss for me. Love, Aunt Teresa