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December 2008 Pics

As usual, we had another busy month and, as usual, it was another wonderful month. There is no doubt that we are extraordinarily blessed with great families and friends, alike. We really enjoyed seeing and spending time with everyone. We got to see relatives that we haven’t seen in months and I even got to hang out with an old Auburn buddy one night over a plate of barbeque ribs and reminisce about past events that I probably shouldn’t share here.
While this was technically Bailey’s second Christmas, it was the first time she connected Christmas to something special. From her perspective, I imagine that first Christmas (at a little over six months old) was just another occasion where she was passed around to about fifty different people in four days. This Christmas was totally different and, while we told her a little about baby Jesus and she played regularly with our nativity set, Christmas light displays and Santa ruled the month. It was impossible for us to drive anywhere without hearing shouts of “MORE LIGHTS!!!” from the backseat. She also took great pleasure in pointing out everything that resembled Santa Claus by pointing and repeating “Ho-ho” until we acknowledged her. (Bailey’s version of Santa only says “ho” twice instead of three times.) Of course, the first time I sat her down on Santa’s lap and stepped away she was considerably less than excited, as you’ll see below.
So now we’re on into January and we’ve officially recovered from Christmas. We’ve ditched the tree; returned the decorations to their boxes for another year; purchased more storage shelves in an effort to keep Bailey’s stuff in check (I’ll let you know when we’ve figured out how to do that last part); and I’ve all but exhausted every cent on my Starbucks gift cards. Enjoy a few pics from throughout the month.
For the second straight year, we got our Christmas tree from a local tree farm just outside of Greenville. Bailey enjoyed being able to run around in the wide-open fields.

Mel and Bailey hunting down the perfect Christmas tree.

We took the picture for our Christmas cards at a Winter Wonderland setup in downtown Greenville one Sunday after church. I’m glad everyone cooperated for the pic b/c it was SERIOUSLY cold that morning and we all wanted to put our coats back on.

Bailey posing in front of downtown Greenville’s snow-capped mountains.

She loved the ornaments hanging from the garland, b/c she thought they were either balls or little balloons.

I was lucky enough to sneak away from work one afternoon and join Bailey and her friends from daycare for a little Christmas party. Not unexpectedly, Bailey was the last one still eating and somehow ended up with two Jello cups.



Ah yes…the previously mentioned visit with Santa. Santa looks about as thrilled with the experience as Bailey.
Like any good parent, I ignored the crying and pleas for help and made my daughter continue to sit on Santa’s lap long enough to snap a couple more pictures. Again, Santa looks none to thrilled.

Here, Bailey is practicing her present opening skills in preparation for the real thing Christmas morning.

Opening another present with Daddy.

Check out the cool lamb houseshoes!!!

I just felt like throwing in a picture of Jessie and Michael. It’s really cool to see how much they’ve grown up over the years.

Grammy and Pops with Bailey and Harrison in Decatur.

A rained-on Justin (Uncle Doc), Cassie, and Harrison in Decatur.

An UN-rained on me, Mel, and Bailey in Decatur.

Bailey really enjoyed the singing snowman and penguins…almost as much as the rest of us enjoyed listening to it over and over and over…

Of course, Harrison preferred Bailey’s bike and Bailey was perfectly happy with Harrison’s bike. Whatever floats their boats…for now!

Bailey discovered the horn!

Here, Bailey is on the verge of discovering just how far back she can lean without face planting over the back of the chair.

Bailey with Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Meg in Demopolis.

This is the Christmas dress that Mel made herself for Bailey this year. Great job, Mel! Although, that’s not what Bailey was thinking at the time when we made her wear the dress and take a picture.

This and the next few pics are of a private residence near Greenville. Every year, a couple of guys spend two months decorating their house, yard, and at least one neighbor’s yard and open it all up to the public. It was quite amazing, especially when you consider that the lights blinked in time with the music.

Bailey playing with the kitchen set that Mel and I got her for Christmas.

Of course, the box was PERFECT for making a house, too!

Bailey regularly enjoys riding on the horse that Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Meg got her, too.

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