Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009

It’s Easter Sunday and we’re about to leave the house for church, but, of course, we had to take at least a couple pictures of Bailey in her Easter dress first. We never know if Bailey is going to finish church in the same outfit she started in so we figured we’d better play it safe and get some pics upfront.

Well, the Easter dress survived two hours in the nursery so after church I took Bailey down the street to Reedy River Park to snap a few pictures before heading home. Mel had to sing in both the early and late service so I knew we had some time before she was done with church.

Here, Bailey is giving a great smile by a flower arrangement at the entrance to the park. She looks so much like a little girl in this picture instead of the baby I’m still used to.

Remember this picture from the blog from last Easter? Yes, that’s right. It was just one year ago that Bailey was playing in the grass in front of the church on Easter Sunday morning. She didn’t really have much of a choice back then because she couldn’t walk yet. How quickly things change…
Here, Bailey is once again sitting in the grass (this time at Falls Park instead of in front of the church) on Easter Sunday morning about one year later. She definitely has a choice of whether to sit or walk these days so I was a little surprised that she sat there so easily and let me take pictures (especially considering the fact that she doesn’t like the feel of grass poking her legs). It’s amazing to me how much difference one year makes when I compare these two pictures. I look forward to seeing what next year’s picture of Bailey (and Palmer) playing in the grass on Easter Sunday morning will look like.
Bailey in front of a colorful arrangement of flowers at Reedy River Park.

I tried my best to get her to look at the camera when I shot this pic, b/c I thought it looked really cool with the building in the background. Also, there were plenty of people at the park that morning so I had only a small window of opportunity with no one in the background. But, as is often the case, her attention had been captured by something else. I don’t remember what it was…I just know it wasn’t me. I think it is still a pretty cool picture, though.

After we returned home and had some lunch and a nap we had a small Easter egg hunt for Bailey in the front yard. Mel and Bailey had decorated some Easter eggs the night before so I assumed the task of hiding them Sunday afternoon. I originally hid nine eggs then returned inside to let Mel and Bailey know we were ready. Unbeknownst to me, Duncan and/or Molly (probably Molly) decided to partake of the Easter egg hunt, as well, while I was inside, because although I hid nine eggs only six existed when Bailey commenced her hunt.
By the way, this is Bailey’s new “smile-for-the-camera” smile. We’ll have to work on that one.
Bailey grabbing one of the few remaining Easter eggs that were lucky enough to survive the Easter egg massacre inflicted by one or both of the dogs.

On the Sunday before Easter, our Sunday school class had an Easter egg hunt for everyone’s kids at one of the couple’s home. We attempted to sit all the kids together so we could snap a few pics, but, of course, it worked better in theory than in practice. Here, Bailey is hanging with a couple of her friends, Coleman Burnett (left) and Riggs Manning (right). Riggs and Bailey are in the same daycare class and Coleman is just one class above her so they already know each other pretty well. I know she got caught in a lip-lock with Coleman once. I’m not sure about Riggs. I’m keeping my eye on Coleman.
There is also a link to a Shutterfly.com gallery of a bunch of pictures from the Grace class Easter egg hunt in case you interested in seeing more pictures (taken by a much better photographer than me and with a much better camera than mine). Click the link below or copy and paste it in your web browser to view more pictures.

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