Monday, June 8, 2009

More Pics of the Family

I've been off work since 5pm Thursday, yet I feel like I've barely had time to do some of the things I wanted to do during my time off...including keeping the blog updated with lots of good, quality pics. Instead, I have a few mediocre ones and even fewer good ones (Mel took the close-up of Palmer below). Here are a few more pics that have been taken since Sunday afternoon after three-fourths of the grandparent crew left for home.

Actually, this one may have been taken before and may have been included in the first post, but I doubt anyone will complain. Once again, though, your looking at the new and improved Williams family (sans the dogs). Those poor dogs pretty much get ignored these days. In fact, as I type this post I don't even know if they are inside or outside right now. Oh well.

Me and the kids. Let me tell you how heavy Bailey felt while holding Palmer at the same time! Wow! She also looks like a giant next to him, but she's doing an awesome job of being gentle with him and rubbing his head and belly instead of patting them (which is actually more like a pounding).

This is a great one of Palmer hugging on his Mommy.

Palmer was a little upset the other night so Bailey decided to come over and rub his belly and tell him "It's okay, Palmer". She's gonna be a great big sister.

Here's the close-up Mel took while sitting outside in the front yard. Mel, Palmer, & Gran were sitting under a couple shade trees while Bailey and I played in her new swimming pool (see below).

Bailey getting ready to hop in her new swimming pool with a built-in slide.

So, following along with the Jeff Foxworthy comment from a couple posts ago, Mel says I look a little redneck chilling in the plastic swimming pool in the front yard. I object to that statement for three reasons: 1) a two-year-old is within sight so I have a reasonable explanation for being here, 2) it was pretty stinking hot outside and that pool water felt really nice and cold, & 3) in order to qualify as a redneck I would at least need a beer in hand.

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