Sunday, October 11, 2009


October truly is my favorite month of the year. We’ve endured the heat and humidity of summer and are finally being granted a respite of cooler temps and crisp breezes. Unlike Mel, I LOVE the fact that it’s cool enough for jeans and long sleeves in the mornings and just warm enough for shorts in the afternoon.
So far, we’ve taken day trips each weekend in October with each set of grandparents and have had a really good time on both. The first weekend we drove to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium. This was Bailey’s first time there and she, along with the rest of us, had a blast. The second weekend Gran and Sugar-Pops (a.k.a. Paula & Paul) stayed with us and we all drove up to Sky Top Orchard to visit an apple orchard on a mountain top in Zirconia, NC. We followed it with a BBQ lunch at Hubba Bubba’s in Flat Rock, NC. It was good, but, as usual, not as good as what we’re used to back home in Alabama. Once again, all involved had a good time.
Georgia Aquarium

Williams family at the Georgia Aquarium

Bailey and Palmer had a great time with Grammy and Papa!

Bailey reaching to touch the rays and sharks.

Grammy giving Palmer one of more than a few hugs in front of the gift shop while Bailey and Papa were busy inside picking out the perfect stuffed penguin for a souvenir. It's funny, b/c I remember Dad used to try to avoid souvenir shops when Cassie and I were kids.

Bailey and Grammy (and baby penguin from the souvenir shop) looking up at the fish from the walk-through tunnel in the largest single aquarium in the world...almost 7 million gallons!!!

After our day inside the aquarium we spent some time in the park just outside the aquarium. The rain during the hours preceding our visit to Atlanta left the sky a beautiful blue color.

Atlanta is not my favorite city in the world (by far), but I have to admit the Olympic park (or whatever its called) is a really, really nice addition. Bailey had plenty of room to run her heart (and ours) out.

Another pic from inside the aquarium. This exhibit had actual waves that rolled across the surface of the water every few minutes so you could see what waves look like from underneath.


The main attraction. One of three whale sharks we saw in the giant aquarium.
Sky Top (apple) Orchard

I love this picture of Bailey.

Gran, Sugar-Pops, Bailey, & Palmer at the apple orchard in North Carolina. You may be able to tell that the leaves were just starting to change color up here.

Now its our turn to pose.
Bailey sitting on a pumpkin at the apple orchard.

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