Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bailey - Recent Pics

Bailey turned 7 months old on January 16th and life revolves around playing with toys, playing with mom & dad, and...oh yeah, playing with toys. She is growing and learning new things so quickly that we are well aware of the fact that we are on borrowed time when it comes to her staying in the same spot we put her in. She's constantly trying to sit up on her own when we lie her on her back and she's rolling over better now (although she still has trouble getting over whichever arm happens to be on bottom). She is also in the beginning stages of crawling although she tends to travel backward and in a circle as opposed to moving forward. Her first tooth is starting to become a little more prominent (although it is not really prominent enough to show up in a pic yet) and she has started saying "Da-da", but she hasn't connected it with me yet. Right now, it's just a sound she likes to make. So, a lot has happened in the past month and I expect that things will start happening even faster in the coming months.

Bailey loves playing her piano, but she tends to enjoy flipping it over and trying to chew on the edges instead of playing songs.

It's easy to get distracted from the task of playing with one toy when so many other toys are lying around neglected.

Trying to figure out the best angle of attack before finally deciding to just try to cram it all into her mouth any way possible.

"You guys are looking at me like there's a pink frog on my head or something."

Where's Bailey?

Seriously! Where's Bailey?

(I don't think Bailey appreciated it as much as we did.)

This works great, at least it did, when mom or dad needed to get a quick shower. She likes to pull up on the sides now and laundry baskets aren't really designed to support the weight of 15+ pound babies leaning over the edge.

Dad stayed home with Bailey on her first snow day and we spent a few minutes playing outside.

Uh-oh!!! Somebody has Plumber's Disease!!!

Playing in the bathtub. One of her favorite bath games is trying to grab the soap suds that are floating in the water. Her other favorite bath game is making the biggest splashes possible.

That child has beautiful eyes!

Mom is being funny just off camera.

Arching her back has become a fun new game as of late. She's definitely buidling those arm and back muscles in preparation for crawling.

The two pictures below are actually from December when Auburn played AND BEAT Clemson in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. We watched the game at Quay, Erica, & Ava's house and chowed down on lots of good food that was in no way healthy for us. Quay has a big screen tv with Tivo so we spent the whole game rewinding and watching the big hits over and over. The actual game was probably over at least half an hour before we made it to the end.

Bailey and Ava, who turned nine months old this month, hanging out in their Auburn and Clemson outfits. The orange and blue of Auburn proved tougher than the orange and purple of Clemson in two ways: 1) AU won the game and 2) Bailey stayed up later than Ava.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! We appreciate the pics and the update! Bailey is getting so big! And Duncan that we are so sorry he had to go through all of that trauma! We miss you guys! We love you!

Grammy said...


Thanks for the update. These pics have just made my day. Bailey looks so sweet and beautiful. The first snow day pic was adorable. Tub pics cute too, not to mention the humor "plumber's disease". Never heard it called that before.
Oh, how funny.

Can't wait to see you all.