Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poor Dunky

We're not sure how but Duncan injured his foot the other day and had to have his toenail clipped off near its base by the vet. In addition to being drugged and having his foot wrapped he got the pleasure of wearing this awesome lamp shade-looking thing for about 24 hours. He was none too thrilled. He couldn't actually get through the door of his kennel so we made him a pallet in the corner of the bedroom (where he sleeps most of the time anyway). He even got a heating pad to cover him because he had the chills when the drugs started wearing off.

He milked his infirmity for all it was worth by constantly giving us pitiful looks and whimpers. He acted more pitiful from having a toenail cut off than he did when he lost his manhood. Sissy.

Poor Dunky. He got to sleep on an extra soft pallet with pillows and a heating pad while Molly was locked in her kennel for the night with nothing but a towel. Spoiled. Definitely spoiled.

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Grammy said...

Duncan does look pitiful. Why the cone shape around the head? He's just like a cuddly baby. I'm glad he got special attention.