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July 2008

July 4th Weekend in Charleston, SC

Relaxing in Downtown Charleston
Here, Bailey is checking out the new digs in our penthouse suite at the Francis Marion hotel in downtown Charleston. This was just the sitting area. We had a full kitchen (shown below), two full bathrooms, and a separate bedroom. Melanie was able to get a cheap rate for us since this hotel is owned by the same man that owns The Westin in Greenville (the hotel for which Mel works) and we were lucky enough to get upgraded to the penthouse for no additional charge!!!

Of course, it came with a kitchen with no pots,pans, dishes, glasses, or, most importantly...FOOD!!!

Here we are, 3 years 364 days later, in the exact same spot at which Mel and I got engaged. Only this time, we've multiplied!!! Who knows...maybe there will be even more of us the next time we return to Charleston's pineapple fountain.

Bailey is demonstrating how she would execute a dive from the pier if Mel were to let go. Nevermind that we weren't actually over water yet. This pier is really cool, b/c it has tables and chairs down the length of it so it is a great place to relax after a day of walking around the city.

Me and Bailey on the pier. I'm not trying to look cool or anything by not smiling. I just wasn't paying any attention.

Bailey gave us this look, I'm sure, after us telling her for the umpteen-millionth time not to step in between the bars on the side of the pier.

Bailey checking out what's below the pier.

This was also taken from the pier. I'm not sure what she was doing here, but she looks cute doing it.

After we left the pier, we followed Bailey through the park for awhile. As you can tell, she obviously knew where she was going.

Back at the penthouse relaxing with a book. Note the cute dress. This was a birthday present from Quay, Erica, and Ava Scott from across the street.

Boone Hall Plantation

Saturday, we headed out to Isle of Palms to hang out with Quay, Erica, Ava, Joe, and Emily. On the way, however, we decided to pay a visit to Boone Hall plantation. While we didn't dare tour the inside of the mansion with a one year old we did spend some time in the butterfly garden (no pictures of that b/c the stupid camera batteries gave out as soon as we got there) and the surrounding areas. The picture above is the entrance to the plantation. The gravel road dead-ends into the front of the house. My only question is whether these oak trees were as magnificent and curved over the road like this back when the plantation was operational. The trees had to be planted to be lined up so perfectly but I doubt they were planted as mature trees. So I wonder if they were just saplings back when the Boone family lived here. If anyone knows fill me in.

This is about as close to the house as we got. Like I said, we weren't going to risk anything with Bailey in tow.

Here's Bailey walking around in the cool of the shade just outside a horse pasture. It was extremely hot and muggy in the sunshine.

Once we made it out to our friends' condo in Isle of Palms we all went swimming. This was actually Bailey's very first time in a real swimming pool. It took a few short minutes but she warmed up to it pretty quickly.

An afternoon thunderstorm forced us all inside. Bailey and Ava obviously wanted to be elsewhere.

At some point during our trip, Bailey had had enough and couldn't hold her eyes open any longer.

Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series @ James Island County Park

The main reason we went to Charleston during July 4th weekend is because Quay, Joe, and I were scheduled to compete in one of the Charleston Sprint Series triathlons held at James Island County Park. This was mine and Quay's age group getting set to start the swim portion (an open water lake swim slightly more than a quarter mile in length). If you enlarge the picture you can barely see me in a blue top in the front and center of the group. I had to be at the front at some point b/c I didn't think I would stay there long once the race started. And, I didn't.

Once again, enlarge the pic by clicking on it and you can pick out the blue of my race top. This was nearing the end of the swim.

Here I am on the bike. Unfortunately, the camera wasn't able to focus quickly enough to catch a pic of me before I passed by. I like to think it was b/c I was riding so fast. The bike portion of the race was a 13 mile loop with no hills.

Here I am getting through the run, the last portion of the race. The run was a 5k (3.1 miles) inside the park. This race was a great race for spectators b/c so much of it took place inside the park and within view of all the spectators.


Actually, I didn't have that great of a race. I finished 140th out of 314 overall and 16th out of 29 in my age group. But, I did finish and I learned a few things from it that I will carry with me to the next race.

Gulf Shores, AL

Bailey and Mel getting ready to go swimming at The Regatta in Gulf Shores, AL.

Bailey and Harrison having a conversation while floating the day away.

Bailey amusing herself by splashing Harrison in the face.

Bailey in her first beach outfit of the week. She had about four different swimsuits to choose from.

Bailey and Harrison playing in the sand under the not-so-cool shade of a beach umbrella.

After a bit, they decided that they needed to work on their tans.

Harrison about to try to yank Bailey's hat off her head.

"Hmmm...I'm not so sure I want to go out there."

A little pep talk from dad helps.

Bailey and Gran playing in (i.e. constantly stepping in and out of) Bailey's swimming pool on the beach.

Posing for the camera.

Probably waiving at nothing. She gets a little wave happy sometimes.
Bailey, Mel, & Alston in an unusually calm Gulf of Mexico.

Alston, Bailey, & Mel

Alston, Bailey, and Scott (me)

Just floatin' around the Gulf.

Mel and Bailey walking down to the surf. Although Bailey wasn't sure about the surf at first, it didn't take her long to warm up to it. Once that happened, she was mostly done with the inflatable swimming pool. Waves are way better.

Bailey and Mel playing in the surf.

Bailey and Scott (me) playing in the surf.

Bailey having the time of her life running into and out of the surf.

Leaving tiny baby footprints in the wet sand while heading back out for another wave.

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Justin and Cassie Daigre said...

Great pictures! We had a great time with you guys at the beach! We love you!
-Justin, Cassie, and Harrison