Monday, July 14, 2008

June 2008

Bailey's 1st Birthday Party - June 16, 2008

Bailey's birthday cake. This one was for all of the party guests.

This is the cake that Bailey got all for herself.

Here she goes reaching for her first bite of cake.


Bailey in her birthday hat that Grammy gave her and eating birthday cake.

At this point, I don't think she had made it past the icing yet. But, if she's anything like her momma she didn't care, b/c the icing is the best part.

An icing goatee.

More of Bailey with her birthday cake.

Birthday Cookies at Daycare

Bailey and her friends got to celebrate her birthday during snacktime at daycare, as well. That's Bailey chug-a-lugging on the far side.

Bailey eating goldfish while waiting for birthday cookies.

Kaylee (left) and Lily (right) - twin sisters - patiently waiting for birthday cookies.

Ryan looking a little confused about something, but patiently waiting for birthday cookies, as well.

Tyler (left) and Ryan (right) reacting to something. Probably the realization that birthday cookies are near.
Weekend Fun

Bailey in her wagon with sippy-cup and juice-box holders (these only come on the top-of-the-line models). Bailey enjoys her wagon rides through the neighborhood b/c she gets to toss beach toys out along the way and watch momma and daddy pick them up.

Bailey and momma playing on the slide at the park near our house. It's great having a playground within wagon ride distance from the house.

Bailey and daddy about to slide.

Bailey waiting for daddy to swing her at the playground.

Bailey blowing a kiss (I think) while swinging.

Bailey playing in front of the playground equipment.

Bailey playing with her magnetic fridge of Bailey's favorite activities since her birthday.

Bailey doing her best white trash imitation while daddy takes future blackmail pictures from outside.

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