Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cleveland Park

We went to Cleveland Park near downtown Greenville yesterday morning to play around on the "little-kid" playground for awhile and had a pretty good time. We arrived shortly before the zoo opened for the day, which is likely the only reason we were able to find a parking spot. It didn't take long for the parking lots to fill up and a huge line to form at the zoo entrance. Luckily for us, we were just there for the playground. Check out a few pictures below:

Bailey sliding down the twisty slide.

At only two years old, I've already seen numerous flashes of climbing brilliance from my little girl. She reached the top of this 7-foot climbing wall with little to no assistance from me. Rest assured that as soon as she can fit in a climbing harness safely I'm gonna have her on a wall at the local climbing gym and then...onto the real stuff!!!

Palmer had a good time at the park, as well. At least, I assume he did, b/c he didn't cry any. :) Here, he's chillin in his carrier with me supervising while Bailey runs all over the playground with Mel trying to keep up.

One thing Bailey likes to do on any playground is find a crossbar and swing back and forth a few feet off the ground. She usually comes across such a crossbar at the top of the tallest slide on the playground leaving Mel and I to hope she doesn't slip when in a precarious position. One of the tricks of parenting a fearless toddler that we're having to learn is identifying the line between giving her some freedom and protecting her from unnecessary danger. Thankfully, Bailey has a pretty good grip and enough sense not to let go of the bar.

Mel and Palmer taking a break in the shade while I get ready to take my turn chasing Bailey.

Bailey crawling through a tunnel with Mel watching the background.

Me hanging out with Palmer for a few minutes.

I recently taught Bailey how to swing on her stomach and she, of course, loves it.

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