Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gulf Shores 2009

So, we made our annual trip to Gulf Shores a little earlier this month and, as usual, had a pretty darn good time. We split the trip into two days by making a stop in B'ham, where we got to see some old friends and their kids for a night. We had six adults, four two-year-olds, two babies, and two dogs running around and we somehow managed to put away a couple pizzas in the middle of it all. Yes, we are becoming more and more talented everyday. We made it to the Gulf for the 4th of July this year, which made for a crowded Gulf Shores (and Hwy 59), but a good time nonetheless. In fact, the city's fireworks show took place on a barge directly in front of our condo. We don't have a ton of pics from this year's trip, primarily because we were occupied with two kids instead of just one. (We may have to just hire a photographer if we have more kids.) But, I hope you enjoy the ones we do have.
Here's the new and improved Williams family wading in the not-so-warm waters of the Gulf.
Me, Mel, & Palmer on the beach.
Bailey really enjoyed playing the swimming pool at the Regada condo. Her understanding of a swimming pool is nothing more than a kiddie-pool with a built-in slide so the huge pool at the condo was awesome.
Palmer spent a lot of time, whether in the condo or by the pool, just snoozin'. As a result, I realized near the end of the trip that I didn't have many pics of him, b/c he didn't do anything active. Oh well, next year will be different.
Bailey, Grammy, and Papa on the beach.
Woody brought his sailboat over to the beach house we stayed in with Mel's family and we took full advantage of it. Bailey stayed ashore this year, but we may try to get her out on the boat next year. We saw a ton of dolphins this year and they got really close to the boat (as in coming out of the water within 3 feet of the boat)!
Bailey working on her sand castle. Uncle Kenneth and Gran taught her the technique of dripping wet sand over the top of the towers.
Bailey and Uncle Kenneth playing in the Gulf.

Bailey, cousin Katie, and Katie's friend, Camile, playing with bubbles on the back deck overlooking the beach.

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