Saturday, January 23, 2010

November & December 2009

In an effort to catch up to the new decade I am posting November and December 2009 pics in the same post. Enjoy!

Bailey hugging on Palmer in the front yard one afternoon.

Bailey wiping a booger...I mean, kissing Palmer.

Bailey helped me rake leaves in the backyard so, naturally, we took a break and played in them afterwards.

Bailey and Mel swinging on the rope swing I built earlier in the summer.

Palmer chilling on the deck on a warm November afternoon.

Palmer at Sugar Pops' and Gran's (Mel's parents) house during Thanksgiving.

Bailey and Palmer hanging out in the den. Bailey is actually sitting in an old wooden rocking chair that Big Daddy and Grandma (my grandparents) brought during a recent visit. This rocking chair has been in the family since at least I was Bailey's age and I think long before that, as well.

This was our Christmas card picture for 2009. It was kind of thrown together at the last minute but turned out pretty well.

While at Papa's and Grammy's (my parents) house for Christmas we took Bailey and her cousin, Harrison, on a wagon ride.

We made sure to get a four-generation picture of the guys while we were home for Christmas.

Bailey and Harrison eating Christmas Eve dinner at Big Daddy's and Grandma's house.

Instead of Christmas Eve dinner, Lucy (Harrison's little sister) decided to eat wooden blocks.

Grammy gave Palmer plenty of squeezes during Christmas. It's a good thing he hadn't just eaten.

Justin guarding the spread.

Christmas morning at Papa's and Grammy's house.

Cassie and Lucy opening presents.

Papa and Grammy got everyone Siberian-weather tobaggins for Christmas. Lucy wouldn't keep hers on long enough for our cameras to even focus.

We got Harrison a Black & Decker construction workers uniform and tools.

Palmer working on one of his presents.

Bailey got a baby doll that makes drinking noises, burps, falls to sleep and snores, wakes back up, laughs when you squeeze her tummy, and cries when you pinch her hand. To get her to laugh, Bailey puts her on the floor and uses her entire palm to push on her stomach. It looks a bit like she's giving her baby CPR.

Bailey and I went hunting for a Christmas tree and found the perfect one (that was too tall for our house and fell at least once after we finally got it up).

She didn't make much progress, but she gave it her best effort.

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