Thursday, February 4, 2010

First (and Potentially Only) Snow of 2010

The last weekend in January 2010 we got a little snow and ice. Luckily, we knew it was coming so I went to Dick's Sporting Goods during my lunch break the day before the weather hit and bought an inflatable snow tube for Bailey. Pops happened to be staying with us that weekend and indicated that he had an automatic air pump we could use to inflate the 56" round tube. When we realized his pump wouldn't attach correctly to the tube's nozzle he heroically blew the entire thing up my mouth. Now that was one impressive display of hot air! :) The first day of the snow and ice we mostly spent inside b/c the wind was really cold, but we did get outside for a little while. Check out this footage...


The next day, Quay, Erica, and Ava came up from their house to join in on some more sledding. By this time Pops and left for home and since I'm currently nursing a surgically-repaired shoulder and couldn't very well go chasing Bailey down an ice-covered hill I devised an ingenious plan to tie a rope to one of the handles of the snow tube so I could stand at the top of our yard, push, and simply reel my daughter back in like a fish once the rope caught (all with my good arm, of course). We really only had one mishap when Quay gave the girls a slightly harder push than normal and Bailey shot off the tube into a perfect Pete Rose slide onto the street. Like any good dad I took my time coming to her rescue in favor of getting it all on camera. The drama lasted all of about 2 minutes when I plopped her right back on the tube and sent her down the hill again. After that, it was ancient history. Below, Quay is doing the pushing (and reeling) while Bailey and Ava shout out orders...this is not the footage of Bailey's Pete Rose imitation.


Even Oscar (Quay's dog) got in on the sledding action...


We finally did get Palmer out for awhile and set him down in the tube for a photo op, but that was about it. Next year, he'll be ready to rock, though.


Kenneth said...


I can't get the videos to play. Any idea why?

Scott Williams said...

For some reason we are the only ones that can see them. No clue why.