Thursday, February 25, 2010

Second (and Potentially Last) Snow of 2010

So, I've heard the videos from the previous post wouldn't play for most, if not all, people who attempted to view them. I think that's why God graced Greenville with a second I can post pictures instead of video this time.

Here we are in our driveway getting ready to do some sledding with Bailey. Poor Palmer was so bundled up I'm not sure he was able to move.

With the first snow, Pops just happened to be in town. With this snow, Grammy just happened to be in town. In fact, Grammy fought heavy snowfall all the way from Birmingham to Greenville on her way up. We're definitely glad she didn't wait one day later to come.

Bailey and Ava enjoyed playing with the snow piled up in the back of Quay's truck.

Me and Palmer.

Here's what our house looks like under 4 inches of snow. Cassie, how long has it been since y'all only had 4 inches on the ground?

Our dogwood in the front yard looked like a giant cotton plant.

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