Saturday, August 22, 2009

Toddler 1 Fieldtrip to Jump Zone

A few weeks ago, Bailey's Toddler 1 class at daycare took a fieldtrip to Jump Zone for one last hoorah before moving up to the next class. Jump Zone is a warehouse that holds a few large inflatable slides and moonwalks as well as some playsets (which you can purchase for the low low price of $3,200). It took Bailey a little while to get warmed up to the place; in part, because of a 20ft tall Batman staring down at her from the front of one of the inflatables. Once she got going, though, she had a good time.

Here, Bailey is posing in front of all the different things to play on at Jump Zone. As you can see, the place is packed pretty tight. Luckily, no one else was there besides Bailey's class so they had the run of the place.

Bailey showing some skills by climbing the ladder by herself while smiling for the camera. She's a natural.

Ms. Cindy (one of Bailey's teachers) helping her out of the moonwalk.

Bailey diving headfirst into the Snow White inflatable. This one was pretty cool for the little-uns b/c it had a small jumping area inside as well as a short ladder up to a slide.

Bailey careening head-first down the aforementioned slide. Maybe we can find her a Cracker Jacks tatoo that reads, "Ain't skeered"!

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